Module: labs.spatial_models.parcellation

Inheritance diagram for nipy.labs.spatial_models.parcellation:

Inheritance diagram of nipy.labs.spatial_models.parcellation

Generic Parcellation class: Contains all the items that define a multi-subject parcellation

Author : Bertrand Thirion, 2005-2008

TODO : add a method ‘global field’, i.e. non-subject-specific info


class nipy.labs.spatial_models.parcellation.MultiSubjectParcellation(domain, template_labels=None, individual_labels=None, nb_parcel=None)

Bases: object

MultiSubjectParcellation class are used to represent parcels that can have different spatial different contours in a given group of subject It consists of self.domain: the specification of a domain self.template_labels the specification of a template parcellation self.individual_labels the specification of individual parcellations

fixme:should inherit from mroi.MultiROI

__init__(domain, template_labels=None, individual_labels=None, nb_parcel=None)

Initialize multi-subject parcellation


domain: discrete_domain.DiscreteDomain instance,

definition of the space considered in the parcellation

template_labels: array of shape domain.size, optional

definition of the template labelling

individual_labels: array of shape (domain.size, nb_subjects), optional,

the individual parcellations corresponding to the template

nb_parcel: int, optional,

number of parcels in the model can be inferred as template_labels.max()+1, or 1 by default cannot be smaller than template_labels.max()+1


Performs an elementary check on self


Returns a copy of self


Get feature defined by fid

Parameters:fid: string, the feature identifier
make_feature(fid, data)

Compute parcel-level averages of data


fid: string, the feature identifier

data: array of shape (self.domain.size, self.nb_subj, dim) or

(self.domain.sire, self.nb_subj) Some information at the voxel level


pfeature: array of shape(self.nb_parcel, self.nbsubj, dim)

the computed feature data


Returns the counting of labels per voxel per subject

Returns:population: array of shape (self.nb_parcel, self.nb_subj)
set_feature(fid, data)

Set feature defined by fid and data into self


fid: string

the feature identifier

data: array of shape (self.nb_parcel, self.nb_subj, dim) or

(self.nb_parcel, self.nb_subj)

the data to be set as parcel- and subject-level information