Module: pkg_info



Return dict describing the context of this package


pkg_path : str

path containing for package


context : dict

with named parameters of interest


Get short form of commit hash given directory pkg_path

There should be a file called ‘COMMIT_INFO.txt’ in pkg_path. This is a file in INI file format, with at least one section: commit hash, and two variables archive_subst_hash and install_hash. The first has a substitution pattern in it which may have been filled by the execution of git archive if this is an archive generated that way. The second is filled in by the installation, if the installation is from a git archive.

We get the commit hash from (in order of preference):

  • A substituted value in archive_subst_hash;
  • A written commit hash value in install_hash;
  • git’s output, if we are in a git repository

If all these fail, we return a not-found placeholder tuple.


pkg_path : str

directory containing package


hash_from : str

Where we got the hash from - description

hash_str : str

short form of hash