How do you want to contribute?

We invite all members of the community to contribute. Have a question, idea, research update, or conference summary? Please, find below the ways in which you can contribute.



Contributors are welcome to propose and discuss their ideas to develop Python packages for neuroimaging in the Nipy GitHub Discussionss.

Infrastructure and workflow

Let's first look at the infrastructure and workflow of the site

  • Github:The site is a repo under the nipy organization on github.This means that contribution to it goes by way of forking the repo and doing a pull request (PR).
  • Github pages: We also use hosting on github pages, which only means that the site lives on a branch called gh-pages that gets rendered at
  • CI: We use continuous integration to preview all PRs by way of viewing artifacts.

Your Workflow

You should do the following:

  • Fork the nipy jekyll repo
  • Make your changes
  • Submit a PR
  • We will review the PR, and push to master and ghpages branches.


  1. Add your package info to the data file, in the same format. This will have it rendered automatically in the navigation, and added to the animated brain on all pages.
  2. Add a base page for your package in the base directory of the site repo. It should be named [packagetag].html where [packagetag] corresponds with the tag variable in the data file. We have a page template for packages, and the easiest thing to do is copy another package's page to start.
  3. Static site content can be put in the js,css,img folders in the base directory. Any static content can be linked to like '{{ '/img/myimage.png' | prepend: site.baseurl }}'. Keep it organized.
  4. To contribute an svg image, put it in the '_includes/svg' folder and include like {% include svg/mysvg.svg %}
  5. Subpages should be contributed as posts to blog content.

How do I write a post?

Quick and Easy

The fastest way to contribute is to submit an idea, link, or video right away. If you have questions, to maximize their visibility, you can ask them on Neurostars, or you can reach us by email. These resources should be preferred over using the neuroimaging tumblr ask space. Your submission will be reviewed and immediately available on the site and for social media integration.

Contribute Regularly

If you like writing tutorials, or regularly write about your research, we encourage you to read more about posting and contact us with your email or tumblr username, and you will be added as a contributor to the blog. As an official contributor you can write posts in several formats, receive notifications, integrate apps, and contribute via email. Contributors are subject to the same standards of conduct as non-affiliated posters.

Package Specific

To contribute content, or a 'blogroll' for your package, we encourage you to become a tumblr contributor, tag your posts with your package, and link to the tagged posts from your package page.

New site pages

New sites pages that are not packages, and not blog content, can be plopped into the base directory, and they will be automatically rendered by jekyll. You will need to add a link to your page in the '_includes/links.html' or from within some other page.

New questions on this page

The data on this page is rendered from contribute.yml in the _data folder, and so you can add new questions there.


None of us are 'real' web-developers, and always appreciate fixes to the site theme or look. If you are familiar with Jekyll then you can fork the repo, make your changes, and submit a PR.

Neuroimaging Scientist

For general questions about methods, analysis, and code, the best place to maximize the number of eyes on your issue is by way of Neurostars. Questions about specific packages are best to post as issues on the repository itself, a link to which you can find on any of the package pages. To be added as a contributor or ask a question about the site, you can reach us by email. Although you can ask your question through the neuroimaging tumblr ask space note that it gets less attention than the previous resources.

Right on this site! Or look at our organization on Github.

Contribute a package, go to conferences, (someone else please write this) :)

Thanks for stopping by!