Getting Help

One of the main tenets of our community is that we encourage inquisitiveness. Ask questions and share your experiences!

Asking people for help and asking questions about technical matters can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done that before. The following web-page is not a help forum. Rather it is a collection of advice about asking questions. For nipy-specific help, see the sections below.

In the meantime here is some non-nipy-related advice on how to ask questions .

For nipy-specific questions you can use on of the following channels:

The neuroimaging mailing list

The neuroimaging list is an open mailing list, for discussion of issues related to neuroimaging and Python. No question will be turned away, but some might be diverted to other forums more relevant to the question. For example, questions about using Matplotlib for visualization may be directed to the MPL mailing list.


Neurostars is a Q&A site for neuroinformatics and neuroscience.

Github issues

Most of the projects have an issues page on which you are (very) welcome to report about problems that you have encountered using the software. For example, for issues related to the Dipy software library, please go here: More informal conversations can be struck on the gitter pages of the projects (e.g.