Module: algorithms.registration.transform

Inheritance diagram for nipy.algorithms.registration.transform:

Inheritance diagram of nipy.algorithms.registration.transform

Generic transform class

This implementation specifies an API. We’ve done our best to avoid checking instances, so any class implementing this API should be valid in the places (like registration routines) that use transforms. If that isn’t true, it’s a bug.


class nipy.algorithms.registration.transform.Transform(func)

Bases: object

A default transformation class

This class specifies the tiny API. That is, the class should implement:

  • obj.param - the transformation exposed as a set of parameters. Changing param should change the transformation

  • obj.apply(pts) - accepts (N,3) array-like of points in 3 dimensions, returns an (N, 3) array of transformed points

  • obj.compose(xform) - accepts another object implementing apply, and returns a new transformation object, where the resulting transformation is the composition of the obj transform onto the xform transform.

property param