Debugging the build

We use Meson build system, that you will generally use via the meson-python frontend.

Meson-Python is the wrapper that causes a pip command to further call Meson to build Nipy files ready for import.

This can be a problem when you call a command like pip install . in the Nipy root directory, and get an obscure error message. It can be difficult to work out where the build failed.

Debug for build failure

To debug builds, drop out of the Meson-Python frontend by invoking Meson directly.

First make sure you have Meson installed, along with its build backend Ninja:

pip install meson ninja

You may also need Cython>=3:

pip install "cython>=3"

From the Nipy repository root directory (containing the pyproject.toml file):

meson setup build

This will configure the Meson build in a new subdirectory build.


cd build
ninja -j1

This will set off the build with a single thread (-j1). Prefer a single thread so you get a sequential build. This means that you will see each step running in turn, and you will get any error message at the end of the output. Conversely, if you run with multiple threads (the default), then you’ll see warnings and similar from multiple threads, and it will be more difficult to spot the error message among the other outputs.