Making your own copy (fork) of nipy

You need to do this only once. The instructions here are very similar to the instructions at — please see that page for more detail. We’re repeating some of it here just to give the specifics for the `nipy`_ project, and to suggest some default names.

Set up and configure a github account

If you don’t have a github account, go to the github page, and make one.

You then need to configure your account to allow write access — see the Generating SSH keys help on github help.

Create your own forked copy of `nipy`_

  1. Log into your github account.

  2. Go to the `nipy`_ github home at nipy github.

  3. Click on the fork button:


    Now, after a short pause, you should find yourself at the home page for your own forked copy of `nipy`_.