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This package provides read and write access to some common medical and neuroimaging file formats, including: ANALYZE (plain, SPM99, SPM2), GIFTI, NIfTI1, MINC, MGH and ECAT as well as PAR/REC. We can read and write Freesurfer geometry, and read Freesurfer morphometry and annotation files. There is some very limited support for DICOM. NiBabel is the successor of PyNIfTI.

The various image format classes give full or selective access to header (meta) information and access to the image data is made available via NumPy arrays.


Current information can always be found at the NIPY nibabel website:

Mailing Lists

Please see the developer’s list here:


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:


Nibabel is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Some code included with nibabel is licensed under the BSD license. Please the COPYING file in the nibabel distribution.


See also the Developer documentation page for development discussions, release procedure and more.

Authors and Contributors

NiBabel has been written and is maintained by Matthew Brett and Michael Hanke. The authors are grateful to the following people who have contributed to NiBabel (in rough order of appearance):

  • Yaroslav O. Halchenko
  • Chris Burns
  • Gaël Varoquaux
  • Stephan Gerhard
  • Ian Nimmo-Smith
  • Jarrod Millman
  • Bertran Thirion
  • Thomas Ballinger
  • Cindee Madison
  • Valentin Haenel
  • Alexandre Gramfort
  • Christian Haselgrove
  • Krish Subramaniam
  • Yannick Schwartz
  • Bago Amirbekian
  • Brendan Moloney
  • Félix C. Morency

License reprise

NiBabel is free-software (beer and speech) and covered by the MIT License. This applies to all source code, documentation, examples and snippets inside the source distribution (including this website). Please see the appendix of the manual for the copyright statement and the full text of the license.

Download and Installation

Please find detailed download and installation instructions in the manual.


If you have problems installing the software or questions about usage, documentation or something else related to NiBabel, you can post to the NiPy mailing list.

Mailing [subscription, archive]

It is recommended that all users subscribe to the mailing list. The mailing list is the preferred way to announce changes and additions to the project. The mailing list archive can also be searched using the mailing list archive search located in the sidebar of the NiBabel home page.