API Documentation

nibabel Read / write access to some common neuroimaging file formats

File Formats

analyze Read / write access to the basic Mayo Analyze format
spm2analyze Read / write access to SPM2 version of analyze image format
spm99analyze Read / write access to SPM99 version of analyze image format
cifti2 CIFTI-2 format IO
gifti GIfTI format IO
freesurfer Reading functions for freesurfer files
minc1 Read MINC1 format images
minc2 Preliminary MINC2 support
nicom DICOM reader
nifti1 Read / write access to NIfTI1 image format
nifti2 Read / write access to NIfTI2 image format
ecat Read ECAT format images
parrec Read images in PAR/REC format.
streamlines Multiformat-capable streamline format read / write interface
trackvis Read and write trackvis files (old interface)

Image Utilities

eulerangles Module implementing Euler angle rotations and their conversions
funcs Processor functions for images
imageclasses Define supported image classes and names
imageglobals Defaults for images and headers
loadsave Utilities to load and save image objects
orientations Utilities for calculating and applying affine orientations
quaternions Functions to operate on, or return, quaternions.
spatialimages A simple spatial image class
volumeutils Utility functions for analyze-like formats

Float / integer conversion

arraywriters Array writer objects
casting Utilties for casting numpy values in various ways

System utilities

data Utilities to find files from NIPY data packages
environment Settings from the system environment relevant to NIPY

Miscellaneous Helpers

arrayproxy Array proxy base class
affines Utility routines for working with points and affine transforms
batteryrunners Battery runner classes and Report classes
data Utilities to find files from NIPY data packages
dft DICOM filesystem tools
fileholders Fileholder class
filename_parser Create filename pairs, triplets etc, with expected extensions
fileslice Utilities for getting array slices out of file-like objects
onetime Descriptor support for NIPY.
openers Context manager openers for various fileobject types
optpkg Routines to support optional packages
rstutils ReStructured Text utilities
tmpdirs Contexts for with statement providing temporary directories
tripwire Class to raise error for missing modules or other misfortunes
wrapstruct Class to wrap numpy structured array